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Another reason to NEVER use a Micro$oft account


Is Zoom Safe?

Wouldn’t you know it. Just as everyone piles on the Zoom wagon, there are vulnerabilities discovered. This always happens when software gets wide acceptance, as Bad Guys(TM) seek to capitalize on the popularity for technical or financial purposes. Usually it is to provide platforms for advertisements, which pay. Briefly, that is the motivation. So, why…
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More than 50 nations, but not U.S., sign onto cybersecurity pact

For some reason, we’ve sided with Russia & China again… French President Emmanuel Macron released an international agreement on cybersecurity principles Monday as part of the Paris Peace Forum. The original signatories included more than 50 nations, 130 private sector groups and 90 charitable groups and universities, but not the United States, Russia or China.…
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What We Do at The IT Guys


Ransomware Report by BitDefender

Ransomware attacks, in which hackers encrypt an organization’s vital data until a ransom is paid, have become a billion dollar cybercrime industry according to the FBI. Ransomware is now widely seen as the single biggest cybersecurity threat to both business and government organizations. In many respects, ransomware is a game changer: It is incredibly easy…
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What We Do

Our Services At The IT Guys, our goal is very simple: Provide big company IT service to small businesses too small to afford what the big guys have. And we do it fixed price. Here is what I have heard after over 20 years fixing IT and computers for small businesses and the elderly: Them: “When I have a problem with…
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Back-to-School Cyber Safety

More than ever, managed services at your home is just as important as at your business: National Cyber Awareness System: Back-to-School Cyber Safety 08/10/2018 08:25 AM EDT Original release date: August 10, 2018 As summer break ends, many students will return to school with mobile devices, such as smart phones, tablets, and laptops. Although these…
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