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You Do Your Business
We Do Your Technology

We keep your business running.

We manage all the technology that supports and
makes your business possible-all for a FLAT RATE!
Are you too small to hire full-time help? Tired of being treated like an idiot-and being charged for it?!
We are proud to manage technology for companies with as few as ONE employee!

Let's grab a coffee and talk about what you need to be successful.


Most businesses like yours don’t know why their core applications, network, or web site are failing them. Let us come out quickly and tell you what is wrong in Plain English, and what you should expect to pay to bring your business back up to speed-regardless of whether you choose us. You can even bring your questions or devices to our offices in Franklin, CT.


To avoid risk of infection from Flu or Coronavirus, let us set your employees up with secure VPNs to work from home!

Stay Safe with The IT Guys!

We safeguard your Business, your Livelihood, and most importantly your Future.


We’re what is called a Managed Services Provider, which means we work 24/7 to keep your technology running & secure-for a flat rate. More than just Anti-Virus and Security Updates, we are your Help Desk for everything from Application and Printing problems to Internet and Phone outages. One Help Desk for everything.

Client Testimonials

Q: How Much Do Our Clients Love Us? 
A: Every Client We’ve Ever Had is STILL A CUSTOMER!
But why take our word for it? Here’s what they  have to say:

We contacted The IT Guys in November for our small Floral business. He was here at the shop within the hour. His knowledge and attention to detail was amazing.

I would highly recommend The IT Guys for all your computer needs.



I am very impressed with the knowledge, patience, and customer support that The IT Guys provided. As an older user, I am not top computer literate but time was utilized to teach me more about my machine than I ever knew.

I will utilize The IT Guys services in the future, first and foremost!


Business Consultant

The IT Guys has the knowledge and experience to assist with any computer issues. Their patience and ability to communicate the situation make upgrades and repairs stress-free.

Highly recommend!


Hospitality Sales

The IT Guys are absolutely amazing. They worked fast, efficiently and on my crazy schedule.

I would recommend them to any small business in need of IT support!


Home Inspection Business

Always there when you need service. Job always well done and issues are fixed the first time.

Very professional. Highly recommended.


Commercial Janitorial

The IT Guys are highly knowledgeable, and really listen to their clients.

The perfect company to design & customize your systems according to your wants and needs.


Military Contractor

Small to Mid-Sized Business Full Service Technology Management

Get Treated Like a Big Deal

What Are Managed Services?

As an MSP, we mainly stay in the background, applying security patches, anti-virus, anti-ransomware, and vital upgrades. When little things do pop up, we fix those.
Need a loaner? No problem! We’re your Helpdesk.

Local Small Businesses prefer to do business
with Other Local Small Businesses


Getting vendors to work together is like herding cats. Because we have your best interests in mind, we make sure they all quote fairly and get their work done on time. Equipment off to repair? How about a loaner? Sign our BAA for HIPAA Complianceyou can trust.


We can repair Apple MacBook and MackBook Pro laptops at the component level, and can usually do the same for PC laptops and workstations. We upgrade HDD to SSD (cloning), and other relative electronic repairs.


With offerings like Secure Anti-Ransomware Backups, Filtered DNS and Business Grade Anti-Virus, you can avoid headaches in the first place, spending less time down. We monitor to locate issues before they happen-before they impact your business. 

And we do it all for a FLAT RATE.


We specialize in businesses up to 30 employees. We’re even priced low enough for sole owner/employees like Therapists and Financial Advisors. We also manage multi-site businesses and remote workers.

You do your Business, while we do all the Technology it depends on. You sleep well!


“It broke at the worst time!”

When we “on-board” your business, we line up all the things that are of interest to your success, prioritize each, and put them on the calendar. Getting your business “bullet-proof” can take up to a year, but there are improvements every day. And normal, operational ssues are all covered for one FLAT RATE.


Will you avoid fines up to $500,000 due to laws like Connecticut General Statutes 42-471? Compliance isn’t just for medical businesses any more!


We’re always ready to fix anything locally that we can’t do faster remotely with desktop sharing. And we still keep your PHI HIPAA-Compliant!


Everything is covered, from Internet outages to a wonky phone system. Even printers and remote workers-everyone in your company.


Because we get paid flat-rate, we will never suggest something that will make things worse. We lose money if your business is down.


“I Hate Computers!”

Why? Who handles your technology today? Is it a relative, or do you bring broken things to someone still in High School? Managing all these things without sound advice keeps you away from your business-and that costs money. When your systems are up, you are selling, and delivering service that leaves your competition in the dust!


Did you know that an inexpensive Firewall is all you need to not just help protect your business from the Bad Guys, but also securely connect remotely?


More and more, our customers want to access surveillance systems while away-even with their cell phones. We show you how, along with accessing your applications on snow days.


Most people think compliance is too expensive. In reality, not complying can kill your business. Let us keep you ahead of new regulations coming so that you stay below the state and federal radar.


Deploying the latest software and hardware solutions, The IT Guys ensure that your systems are always up-to-date against known and future threats.

Call The IT Guys!

More Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

[The Technician], as always, appeared, fixed the problem, disappeared.

Exactly how an “IT GUY” is supposed to work!


Small Law Firm

The IT Guys are ahead of the game in their line of work. we replaced an old company with them and everything about my day to day business improved. Systems moved faster, smoother. More time was able to be allocated towards marketing and promoting my business. Morale increased in the office. All in all, I will always recommend!


Commercial Realtor

Troubleshooting was systematic and accurate. Technician was the ultimate professional both with customer contact and technical skills.

I will utilize and suggest [The IT Guys] to others


Travel Consultant

I wanted to thank you guys for the hard work and for helping me get the Norwich router back on line.


International Insurance Group

Our security clearances allow us to support your military and international operations at the most secure datacenters

Shows up immediately when called, and even shows up to fix things if we didn’t call.

Worth every penny!


Commercial/Municipal Electricians

Why not drop by?

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You don’t have to go to high school kids or computer stores any more. We have decades of experience, and have a real office.

Supporting small businesses is all we do-and our model is to do it at a Flat Rate!

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