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What We Do

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At The IT Guys, our goal is very simple:

Provide big company IT service to small businesses too small to afford what the big guys have. And we do it fixed price.

Here is what I have heard after over 20 years fixing IT and computers for small businesses and the elderly:

Them: “When I have a problem with my computer, I bring it to a place and they charge me whatever they like to do who knows what, and I get it back.”

Me: “What maintenance are you doing to ensure your business doesn’t go down? ”

Them: “None. We just wait for things to break.”

The problem is that you will spend far more money than you need to this way, and your business will suffer unnecessary down time. Here are a few reasons why:

  1. Your local computer repair place knows nothing about your business, the applications you use, or how you use computers. They only know how to replace a bad part, or maybe remove a virus after it has deleted your files or even held you for ransom (“Ransomware”).
  2. Your computer repair place will not be able to make recommendations on how to economically give your customers better service, while reducing down time. You don’t ask your auto mechanic for advice on siding your house.
  3. You as a business person are unfairly expected to spend time figuring out how to do all your operating system and business software updates to keep the hackers out. You are not prepared for this unless you do what we do for a living.
  4. You are skilled & trained in your business vertical. We are trained to keep business architectures running regardless of what your business does. We learn your applications and the way you use them.
  5. Nobody is monitoring your computers, printers, websites and networks 24/7 creating a ticket as soon as it hiccups.
  6. Nobody is watching your system for tickets, getting alerts, and working on your tickets. You can’t go to a customer portal 24/7 and see the status of your systems, any tickets, and the progress on them.
  7. Your local computer company can’t back up your files or protect you from accidental deletion. And even if you do a form of backup when you can, your backups aren’t HIPAA compliant.
  8. If you have any anti-virus, it is likely old and out of date, and is for Personal use and not Commercial grade.
  9. You likely are a full administrator on your own machines, making your business at extreme risk of infection, malware, and all the other bad stuff the bad guys sneak onto your system. But who else would be the administrator?
  10. If you have to call a vendor (phone, internet, software, hardware, etc.), you have to drop everything and be on hold for hours, explaining as best you can the problem to each person you are transferred to.

Sound familiar?

The IT Guys is a Managed Services Provider, or MSP. For a fixed price per month per machine, PC or Mac, with 1 cell/smart phone included per machine, we take care of everything listed above-and then some:

  1. We take calls during business hours directly, and respond at night as on-call. Yes, you always to someone local.
  2. When we need to come out, it takes just a short time, as we’re a local small business just like you.
  3. When your computer does need a part replaced, or extensive work done, we take care of it. You don’t have to deal with anyone but us.
  4. We make sure anything you order or have repaired is what is best for your business, and cost-effective. Why? Because we’re fixed price, and don’t profit from wasteful decisions. We want to keep you as a customer, so we are in your corner.
  5. If there are any technology problems, we drive the tickets in our system, and you can either call for status or log onto your company’s own portal and follow our work. You can even add comments to tickets and start new ones, see the status of projects, and much more.
  6. You don’t need to learn technology just to make a good decision. We are your business partner, and are like your very own IT department.
  7. We work with you, solving problems for you, resetting passwords, so we know your system already. We know your software, and when there is a problem, we call the vendors and resolve the issue-even if it means staying on the phone for hours. We know how to explain the problem, and how to test to ensure it is fixed. We don’t take their word for it-we make sure.
  8. You get the following, kept current automatically by us:
    1. Anti-Virus Software – Commercial Grade
    2. 2TB of Backup space, with file changes stored every 12 hours. Delete a folder? We’ll recover it on the phone to your machine for you! Our offsite backups are HIPAA-compliant.
    3. Operating System updates and patching.
    4. Full Service Help Desk and Ticketing. Monitoring will create tickets, but so can we on your behalf, or you can save time by going to the Customer Portal and creating a ticket yourself. You can even create a Ticket right from your computer’s screen!
    5. Remote Support (you share your desktop with us), so you can explain a problem, and we can resolve it far faster than driving to your site. We can even share the screen of your cell phone with you, to set up your email, change a password, or troubleshoot a problem. Even if you have a laptop, or are out of town, as long as you have Internet connectivity, we can come to the rescue.
    6. We monitor your printers and network components for no extra charge. We only charge a flat rate for each computer!
    7. We take care of all software updates-including your Line of Business (core) software.
    8. We provide HIPAA-compliant user account management on your computers by handling all administrator tasks for you. This is typically done remotely to your desktop, so it is fast.
  9. The cost of one month’s complete coverage by us is far less than the cost of just one visit to the computer repair folks-and your business will be up and operational more. We will even get you a loaner if your machine will be out of commission for more than your business can tolerate.
  10. We do not do residential work. We do not manage residential machines. We don’t even take in computers off the street to repair. We are focused solely on small local businesses.
  11. We make all your technology purchases on your behalf, with the credit card you give us for that purpose, ensuring they are all compliant and give you the best value. No guesswork. Any and all purchases made on your behalf, including paying your quarterly services bill, are only done with written authorization (typically email) in advance by the business owner.
  12. However, we will cover your home computers with the same plan and price as long as you are a business customer. You can enjoy the same professional products and customer service for the computers in your home, provided you have your business computers under service contract with us.

All of this is for a low fixed rate, per computer, per month. We do annual contracts, with quarterly billing, to make these costs manageable.


So far, we have talked about Managed Services, and not Projects. The IT Guys handles your IT, networking and architecture projects as well, but on a Project basis (non-recurring), meaning it exists outside your managed services contract.

A project is scoped, quoted, and signed off by both parties. We will even handle all the sub-contractor work required for logistics, unless you have appointed someone at your own outside expense. Electricians are who we typically work with on technology installations/upgrades, and we already have relationships with several local electricians.

Your single Customer Portal is where you also keep track of projects related to tickets, new construction, expanding your architecture, and even projects like connecting branch offices together as you grow.

Regardless of how far away your branch offices are, we still manage the IT needs of all of them.

You never have to play the Blame Game between vendors.


Prices for managed services with everything listed above and more start at the cost of a small coffee/day for each computer system. It doesn’t matter if it is PC or Mac, but a large, complex server may be a little more. With all plans you get one free cell phone coverage per computer, network devices and printers included free, and the ability to bring under the plan any/all your home computer systems.

Affordable 24/7 security!

Not bad for being able to sleep at night.


Pat Trainor – Owner
The IT Guys LLC
at The Solution Center
210 Route 32
North Franklin, CT 06254
(860) 917-5346

Our local small business serving your local small business!


Operators are standing by!

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